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About us
Silane adhesion promoters, silane crosslinkers, silane moisture scavengers, silane coupling agents and silane resin modifiers are our proud of products of Nanjing Aocheng Chemical Co., Ltd., which is a member of Aocheng Group. Nanjing Aocheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading and reliable supplier of organo-functional silanes and some inorgano-functional silanes in China.
Organo-functional silanes or organosilanes are often used as Silane adhesion promoters, silane crosslinkers, silane moisture scavengers, silane coupling agents and silane resin modifiers in coatings & paints, adhesives & sealants, plastics & rubbers, mineral treatment and fiberglass composites domestic in China and worldwide. Our team has been in silane business for more than 15 years, during which we are awarded as an excellent supplier for hundreds of companies and also get “Technology Innovation Award” from them.

Company Profile:

Privately Owned Shareholding Company from 1997.
Member of the Standing Committee of China Asociation of Fluorine and Silicone (CAFSI).
Total assets: 350 million RMB,Fixed assets: 150 million RMB.
Employees: 440,including 66 technicians.
ISO9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified by SGS


Company History:


Start Production of Silane Intermediate: CPTCS


Reconstructed Into a 100% Privately Owned Shareholding Company.


Process Reformation of CPTCS and CPTES, Silane Intermediate Supplying kept increasing. ISO 9001:2000 Certificated.


Investment in Trichlorosilane Production, 65000MT capacity/Year

The first Company in China Producing Silane Intermediate From Silica Metal And the Largest Silane producer in China.


Start production of Organo-functional Silanes. Admitting of More Young Managers at the end of this year. Annual Sales:40 million RMB.


Annual Sales:90 million RMB. New plant start at the end of this year.


Silane Annual Sales increased to 220 million RMB


Production capacity enlarged from time to time, most of the by-products recyled. Silane Annual Sales increased to nearly 300 million RMB


Annual sales nearly 300million RMB, new products put into production


New 130,000 m2 land started construction, sales:470 million RMB

ISO14001:2004 certifed


Quality Control:

ISO Management Representative
ISO Group: 7 People From Different Depts.

* QC Management
* Quality Data Statistics and Analysis
* ISO System Management and Improvement
QC Dept.: 20 Technicians/Analysts
* Product Analysis: Raw materials, Intermediates and Final Products



Tech. Department: All 7  R&D Technicians Holding Their PhD, M.S., B.S in Chemistry.
* Process Innovation & Process Improvement
* New Product Development
* Internal Technical Support
* Technical Service to Customers
* Silicone Rubber Business Unit: Modified silanes, silicone formulations
Joint R&D Lab with Yangtze University
* located inside of Nanjing Aocheng Chemical CO., LTD.
* New Product Development
Cooperation with Other Institutions

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