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Glass substrate is a kind of hydrophilic inorganic substrate.In the general case, the glass is easy to combine with moisture in the air.Even in the dry room can also be seen under a microscope on the glass surface with a thin layer of water spray layer.In wet weather, could be seen with the naked eye.Therefore the paint in the humidity environment construction, the glass substrate is not firm, because there is a layer of water blocking paint group, grasped the glass, even in the long time can capture the glass will be off the paint.So the best way to attach is can penetrate fog layer, with groups hold glass, known as the hydrophilic, and wrapped with paint itself adhesion (hydrophilic).
At present is proved with epoxy and amino adhesion promoter can do more than two points.And, of course, many with both epoxy group and amino group and other groups, such as ether bond, etc.) or more groups of coupling agent.Above the adhesion promoter can increase the adhesion to glass well.If the customer requirements more stringent adhesion, can be sprayed on the glass substrate or concentration of one for more than 5% with groups of adhesion promoter and then add 1-2% of total amount of additives to paint adhesion.

silane adhesion promoter AC-D211

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