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N propyl organism crosslinking agent (XR - 100) with carboxyl reaction at room temperature, so the polyfunctional degrees n propyl organism crosslinking agent is good crosslinking agent containing carboxyl system, it can with water and many organic solvents miscibility, and also can response under dry state.N propyl organism the dosage of the cross-linking agent is usually acrylic or polyurethane solid content of 1% - 1%, room temperature curing, can also be heating oven curing.After n propyl organism crosslinker crosslinked coating can significantly improve the coating of water resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to wet and dry grinding, the surface of the viscous resistance, fastness of coating and improve on the special substrate adhesion, etc.
N propyl organism crosslinking agent can improve the water resistance of waterborne wood paint coating, friction resistance, adhesion and resistance to chemical character improve leather coating dry wet rubbing fastness and resistance to chemical quality improvement of textile printing mucilage to atone effect element on the surface of the wash and the viscosity increase and the cohesion of water-based adhesive protective film on the base material of glue solution to improve water resistance of water-based ink and wet rub resistance, the optimum printing sex coating increases the resistance to water and water-based sealant reinforced cement with cohesion in the vinyl coating can reduce the migration of plasticizer, improve the fouling resistance in waterborne industrial coatings can improve the water resistance, viscous resistance, resistant to alcohol

silane crosslinker AC-510

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