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By controlling the organic silicone coating formula of the content of curing agent and silane coupling agent, study their elastic modulus, hardness of coating materials, hydrophobicity, and the effect of water absorption and water immersion resistant performance.Results show that after the curing agent content is more than 4%, with the increase of content of curing agent, coating the elastic modulus decreased, shaw hardness increases, bibulous rate is increasing;The increase of the content of silane coupling agent, elastic modulus and the absorption of the organic silicone coating increase, but shaw hardness and water contact Angle decreased.When adding 6% curing agent coating the elastic modulus of water is the most sensitive.Containing 5% curing agent and 8% content of silane coupling agent of organic silicone coating significantly lower stability in the water.Amount of curing agent added can lead to high silica chain crosslinking degree increase, dense mesh structure change, increase the coating hardness, go against the antifouling performance of the coating;Excessive amount of silane coupling agent is added will lead to coating on the surface of the hydrophilic group increased, the water contact Angle decreased, Marine bacteria increase.


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