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Naming principles of silane coupling agent silane (silane) is often used to as a principal name, linking substituent on silicon or the name of the functional groups, and according to the provisions of the order note the substituent position or carbon functional groups, so as to get the name of the chemical formula of the silane coupling agent.In daily production and business operation process, the silane coupling agent to brand name often found in a variety of occasions.Due to historical reasons, the silane industry still has a different system of brand name products.Foreign brand dow corning (Z series), Wallace figure (A series), the letter (the KBW series), evonik degussa (AMEO, GLYMO series) and so on all have their respective brand system, domestic brands have A wu3 da4 organic silicon series (WD), jianghan elaboration (JH series), nanjing dawn (SG series, NDZ series), and other manufacturers.
There are many types of coupling agent and silane coupling agent, titanate coupling agent and aluminum acid ester coupling agent and double metal coupling agent, phosphate ester coupling agent, boric acid ester coupling agent and chromium complex and other senior fatty acid, alcohol, ester coupling agent and so on, is currently the most widely application scope silane coupling agent and titanate coupling agent, the most commonly used in rubber industry is silane and titanate and aluminate ester coupling agent.Silane coupling agent were the earliest people to study and application as early as coupling agent.


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