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With silane coupling agent into 0.5 ~ 1% concentration of dilute solution, when used in clean glued surface coated with a thin layer of glue after drying.Solvents used for water and alcohol (methoxy silane choose methanol, ethoxy silane choose ethanol), water or alcohol mixture, and with no water containing fluorine ion and cheap and non-toxic ethanol, isopropanol is advisable.Except ammonia hydroxyl silane solution by other silane coupling agent preparation, all needs to add acetic acid hydrolysis catalyst, and the pH value to 3.5 ~ 3.5.Long chain alkyl phenyl silane and due to the poor stability, unfavorable into aqueous solution used.Chlorosilane and ethoxy silane hydrolysis process is accompanied by severe condensation reaction, unfavorable also match into aqueous or alcohol solution using water, and alcohol solution to use more.Poorly water-soluble silane coupling agent, can join the first 0.1 ~ 0.2% (mass fraction) of nonionic surface active agent, and then adding water into water emulsion is used.Silane coupling agent into the solution, is advantageous to the silane coupling agent on the surface of the material, dispersion, solvent is a mixture of water and alcohol solution, the solution is commonly silane (20%), alcohol (72%), water (8%), alcohol is commonly ethanol (to ethoxy silane) methanol (methoxy silane) and isopropanol (to not easily soluble in ethanol, methanol silane) by silane hydrolysis velocity is related to PH value, the slowest neutral, acid, alkali is faster, so generally need to adjust the PH value of solution, in addition to the amino silane, other silane can add a small amount of acetic acid, adjusting the PH to 4, 5, amino silane for alkaline, don't have to be adjusted.Because of silane hydrolysis, not far, had better match current now, best finished in an hour.


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