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Main surface pretreatment method and direct addition method, the former with dilution of coupling agent filler surface processing, the latter in premixed resin and filler, adding coupling agent concentrate.Silane coupling agent into the solution, for silane coupling agent on the surface of the material, dispersion, solvent is a mixture of water and alcohol solution, for silane (20%), alcohol (72%), water (8%), alcohol is ethanol (to ethoxy silane), methanol (methoxy silane) and isopropanol (to not easily soluble in ethanol, methanol silane);By silane hydrolysis velocity is related to PH value, the slowest neutral, acid, alkali is faster, so need to adjust the PH of the solution, in addition to the amino silane, other silane to join a small amount of acetic acid, 4-5 adjust PH value, amino silane for alkaline, silane crosslinking is introduced through silane coupling agent in polyethylene, increase the intensity of the polyethylene, aging resistance and other properties.


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