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The silane coupling agent directly added to the adhesive composition, as the matrix resin for the amount of general amount of 1 ~ 5%.After the glue by molecular diffusion effect, coupling agent molecular migration to the bonding interface coupling effect.For curing adhesives, glue should be placed after a period of time for curing, so that the coupling agent to complete the migration process, in order to obtain good results.Actual use, often coupling agent on the surface to form a sediment, but the real work is monomolecular layer, therefore, the dosage of coupling agent need not too much.The method using silane coupling agent surface pretreatment method and direct addition method, the former is diluted with coupling agent treatment filler surface, which is a premixed resin and filler, adding coupling agent of concentrate.Silane coupling agent into the solution, is advantageous to the silane coupling agent on the surface of the material, dispersion, solvent is a mixture of water and alcohol solution, the solution is commonly silane (20%), alcohol (72%), water (8%), alcohol is commonly ethanol (to ethoxy silane) methanol (methoxy silane) and isopropanol (to not easily soluble in ethanol, methanol silane) by silane hydrolysis velocity is related to PH value, the slowest neutral, acid, alkali is faster, so generally need to adjust the PH value of solution, in addition to the amino silane, other silane can add a small amount of acetic acid, adjusting the PH to 4, 5, amino silane for alkaline, don't have to be adjusted.Because of silane hydrolysis, not far, had better match current now, best finished in an hour.


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