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Learned, waterborne PP adhesion promoter and the substrate can be combined by mechanical, physical adsorption (including wetting), formation of hydrogen bonds and bonds, diffusion effect such as each other together, its adhesion is good or bad depends on the degree of the combination of coating and substrate, there are many kinds of way to increase the adhesion (such as with a variety of resin, handling of the substrate, adding adhesion accelerator, etc.), add adhesion promoter is a simple and efficient method.
On PP substrate way to increase the adhesion can be directly spray on the surface of a thin and uniform layer of chlorinated polypropylene resin, its theory is the same material through the miscibility, winding and HCL free acid of PP substrate "erosion" and play a role, can increase the surface of the substrate, to make the group of paint to "catch" to live.
Methods of PE substrate: most by corona treatment (due to other processing method has defended, such as flame, chromate treatment, etc.).But corona equipment is very expensive, it makes little sense to promote.Suggestion: use fluorocarbon flow ping agent on the PE substrate wetting.Appropriate heated to a temperature of about 80 ℃, the paint application polyamide resin and polyurethane.Add some appropriate split darma resin.Of course there are other ways: with fluorocarbon class of wetting agent wetting at the same time with something such as coupling agent.Make the PE substrate above the polar groups, etc.The adhesive agent for PP substrate has very mature, for PE material end remains to be further discussed.

silane adhesion promoter AC-D211

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