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Products > silane crosslinker AC-510

silane crosslinker AC-510

	silane crosslinker AC-510
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Typical Technical Data

The below values are not intended for use inpreparing specifications. Please confirm with us prior to writing specifications on this product.

CAS NO.:  2768-02-7

EINECS NO.:  220-449-8

Appearance:  Colorless transparent liquid

Colour (Pt-Co):  25 max

Specific Gravity (ρ20°C,g/cm3):  0.965~0.975

Refractive Index ( ):  1.3925~1.3935

Purity (by GC, %):  98.0 min



Pipes and cables produced from silane-crosslinked polyethylene (PE-Xb) using AC-510 are more resistant to heat and weathering than products made from non-crosslinked polyethylene. They also have improved electrical properties. The storage stability is greatly enhanced in formulations of silane crosslinking adhesives and sealants.

Use of AC-510 as a co-monomer in polymer dispersions results in binders which exhibit much improved wet scrub resistance and higher abrasion resistance thanks to crosslinking and improved adhesion to the substrate.



Silane AC-510 is an essential ingredient in many industries as below:

Moisture curing of polymers: For the preparation of moisture-curing polymers   

Adhesion promotion & surface modification: As an efficient adhesion promoter for various mineral-filled polymers

As co-monomer for polymer dispersions: Improve adhesion strength in wet conditions and scrub resistance

As moisture scavenger: Can react rapidly with water

Other applications: can easily bond with OH-group. Hydroxyl containing polymers; it is activated by its proximity to silicon

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