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Products > silane moisture scavenger AC-111

silane moisture scavenger AC-111

	silane moisture scavenger AC-111
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Typical Technical Data

The below values are not intended for use in preparing specifications. Please confirm with us prior to writing specifications on this product.

CAS NO.:  1185-55-3

EINECS NO.:  214-685-0 

Appearance:   Colorless transparent liquid

Colour (Pt-Co):  25 max

Specific Gravity (ρ20°C,g/cm3):  0.930 ~ 0.970

Refractive Index ( ):  1.3645~1.3655

Purity (by GC,%):  99.0 min



Silane AC-111, as RTV silicone rubber crosslinking agent, as well as the silicon resin raw material, also can handle all kinds of inorganic packing.

Used as room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber crosslinking agent, glass fiber reinforced plastic laminated products and the agents, silicon dioxide coupling agent.

Meanwhile, it is also can be used in the manufacture of organic silicon compounds. Silane AC-231, as room temperature Vulcanization silicone rubber crosslinking agent, glassfiber reinforced plastic laminated products and the treatment of SiO2 coupling agent.

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