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Products > silane surface modifier AC-410

silane surface modifier AC-410

	silane surface modifier AC-410
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Typical Technical Data

The below values are not intended for use in preparing specifications. Please confirm with us prior to writing specifications on this product.

CAS NO.:  2530-85-0

EINECS NO.:  219-785-8

Appearance:  Transparent liquid

Colour (Pt-Co):  30 max

Specific Gravity (ρ20°C,g/cm3):  1.040~1.050

Refractive Index ( ):  1.4240~1.4340

Purity (by GC, %):  98.0 min

Boiling point:  108 ºC

Flash point:  255 ºC



Silane AC-410, as a coupling agent in glass fiber-reinforced or filler-modified plastics improves filler dispersibility while reducing the filler's sedimentation tendency. It is also a major reduction in the melt viscosity of casting resins, as well as a marked improvement in the mechanical properties of glass-fiber-reinforced or mineral-filled plastics. In addition, it leads to a sizable increase in moisture resistance and greater resistance to acids and bases. Used as a co-monomer in polymers, silane AC-410 produces binders that exhibit much improved wet scrub, abrasion and scratch resistance. As a component of free   -radical curable adhesives and sealants.



Silane AC-410 is used as adhesion promoter in application such as :

A constituent of glass fiber size (glass fiber fillers for unsaturated polyester resins and polyolefins)

A finish for glass fabrics used in unsaturated polyester resins

As a surface modifier for pigments and fillers for thermosets (unsaturated polyester, MMA), thermoplastics (polyesters and polyolefins) and elastomers

As an additive for filled, peroxide-crosslinked elastomers

As an additive for casting resins (unsaturated polyester, MMA)

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